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Acne is usually defined by clogged skin pores, blemishes, pimples or cystic or nodular lumps. Acne usually occurs on the face, upper shoulders, back, neck and chest. Acne occurs because of hormonal imbalances in the body. Pores become clogged, and you must apply some acne treatments that not only kill bacteria and heals the skin, but also a treatment that unclog blocked pores.

To apply some good, proper or natural acne treatments for treating and healing your acne you must do some research before selecting any acne treatment. Many people apply different acne treatments without a previous research and end up by making their acne get worse. You must always know what is the reason for applying a treatment and not another. If you try to treat clogged pores you must either consult a dermatologist or you have to read more about clogged pores, why do pores become blocked and what to do to unclogged them.

Treat clogged pores efficiently

When pores become clogged, you must apply some stronger treatments, you have to do something to unclog those pores and to prevent them from blocking. To properly treat clogged pores you first need to understand how acne treatments work and why pores become clogged. Pores become clogged when excess of oil is released by sebaceous glands. This excessive oil combines with dead skin cells, dirt, sweat and dust creating a moisturizing environment. Bacteria that normally live on our skin, flourish when meets this environment. So it is very important to keep your skin clean to prevent pores from clogging too much.

The best way to treat clogged pores is by washing your face thoroughly with soap and water two or three times a day. Use good face wash and cleaners that do not attack your skin. Skin must be taken care gently, and you have to maintain it healthy also by providing it with the essential nutrients taken from food. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is very important for clearing up your toxins from your body. Clogged pores are somehow the result of unhealthy body.

Treat clogged pores with proper treatments

You must do a hard work in order to prevent acne from spreading and treat clogged pores and blackheads. Some medications are formulated to kill bacteria that produce acne, to treat clogged pores and blackheads while others are formulated to treat cystic acne. You really need to purchase a product that keeps your pores clean, helps unclog pores and the kill bacteria.

Oily skin, blocked pores and swellings are all due to internal problems. Hormonal imbalances make sebaceous glands to function improperly. Skin problems, blocked pores, blemishes and pimples are all caused by hormonal imbalances in the body. These hormonal changes that cause sebaceous glands to release more oil result in oily skin, blocked pores, swelling and inflammation.  Sometimes stress can cause all these skin problems, by affecting your system and your hormone production. There are many ways to clear skin and to get rid of clogged pores. For preventing blocked pores, some people use salicylic acid acne treatments.

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