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Acne is a very difficult to treat skin condition. If you do not treat your acne in time, severe cystic acne will occur. Treating acne in incipient fazes is crucial. Treat your acne with natural acne treatments, no matter what stage of acne you suffer from. Severe cystic acne needs strong acne treatments, combinations of antibiotic treatments and also topical treatments. Severe stages of acne needs treatments that treat acne from two points of view.

Severe cystic acne prevention

Severe cystic acne occurs almost equally in both sexes. Nobody can escape for acne, especially if someone in the family suffered from it. New therapy for severe cystic acne can be applied by combining the existing treatments because if you combine treatments you are able to obtain different results. Severe cystic acne can be resistant to most treatments if those treatments are not applied in time, or in the right range. You must be very careful how you apply an acne treatment. Before you select a treatment you have to arm yourself with information about how to treat acne. Treating acne naturally is very important.

Even if cystic acne occurred, it is very important to combine any treatments with natural ones. Natural treatments are very important, because they are made from natural ingredients, without something else. By combining acne treatments you have more chances to heal your acne. It is very important to know what treatments are best for severe cystic acne. Antibiotics are generally applied, but it depends on how strong your nodular acne is.

Severe cystic acne causes

Severe cystic acne causes much pain to the individual, it provokes bleeding and sometimes foul smelling discharge can occur. Well, what causes the severe cystic acne? First let’s see what the main acne causes are. Hormones cause sebaceous glands to release more oil than usual. This excessive oil released by sebaceous glands combines with dead skin cells and dirt on the skin, forming a moisturized environment. In this moisturized environment bacteria flourish, resulting clogged pores. These clogged pores cause acne pimples to occur. This is the mild stage of acne. Unusual surge of body oil is believed to be acne cause.

Irritation inside clogged pores and untreated mild stages of acne cause acne irruptions to become more powerful and deep. Acne infiltrates deep within the skin due to the bacterial activity over the clogged pores. Then a severe stage of acne or cystic acne occurs. Swelling and inflammation cause acne to become stronger, and deep within the skin clogged pores cannot do anything to unclog. That is why acne treatments must be chosen wisely.

You have to know few things about acne before proceeding to apply an acne treatment. A proper acne treatment is applied concordant to the stage of acne and the type of your skin. If you suffer from a mild stage of acne   you should never apply antibiotic acne treatments, because bacteria that produce acne can become resistant to these antibiotics and if you will need stronger treatment you won’t be able so easily to apply one.

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